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Physio Related Questions

I suffer from recurrent headaches. Can a physio help me?

Many headaches can be due to a problem in your neck. A physio assessment can help identify if this is the case with you. Often you will have pain and stiffness in the upper joints of the neck and restricted neck movement. Make sure your GP rules out more serious causes of headache first. A gradually worsening headache or a sudden severe headache needs medical assessment.

Who should I see about lower back pain?

The majority of low back problems are due to a mechanical problem in your back. Usually these respond very well to physiotherapy. Medication and spinal injections have not been shown to alter the long term outcome for back pain sufferers. Only a very small number of people will benefit from surgery.

How soon after injury should I see a physio about a strained muscle?

First apply the RICER regime for 48 hours (see our related article) and then commence physiotherapy. Early intervention will lead to a better, quicker recovery.

What is the best treatment for a tendon problem?

A graduated exercise program to strengthen the tendon and its associated muscle is thought to be the best approach at present. A physiotherapist can set up a strengthening program suited to your needs.

If my posture is poor and I suffer headaches and mid back pain, can a physio help?

Stretching and strengthening exercises can improve posture. Sometimes a postural support brace can be used for short periods to re-educate you to keep your body in a corrected position. The brace can often alleviate pain if you have to sit or stand for long periods and find this brings on pain.

Can weak muscles in the hip cause knee problems?

If your hip muscles are not working optimally, your legs may not function properly. This can overload the knees and other structure in your legs. Strengthening you hip muscles can reduce this abnormal loading and help your knee problem.

I’ve been told I need to improve my “core stability” to overcome my back problem. What is “core stability”?

There are specific muscles in your trunk and neck that help maintain your spine in an optimal position whilst you go about your daily activities. If these muscles are not working correctly, the spine may move or be positioned inappropriately. A physiotherapist can assess your core stability and show you how to improve it with specific exercises.

General FAQ

Should I bring my X-Rays with me?

Yes, as well as any other medical information that you may think is relevant.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes please, appointments are necessary to allow the physiotherapists to provide adequate quality time to treat each patient appropriately. Emergency patients are always given priority.

How do I get to the practice?

Caringbah Physio’s address is 123 KAREENA RD, MIRANDA 2228

We are the White House, opposite The Sutherland Hospital between the railway line and The Kingsway.

Bundeena Physio’s address is SHOP 4 / 22-30 BRIGHTON STREET, BUNDEENA 2230

How long does the treatment take?

You will usually be here for 45-60 minutes. Initial appointments may take slightly longer.

How often will I need to come?

After assessment by your physiotherapist, a plan for treatment will be discussed with you which will make this clear.

Will I be out of pocket?

Our HICAPS system allows for an instant Health Fund claim which will cover a large portion of our fee. The balance can be paid using our EFTPOS/credit card facility.

Physio Related questions

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